home sweet home!

I’m moving! My roommate and I spent today searching for apartments…in the pouring rain. After the basement at home flooded. It was a horrible experience, one that she aptly summed at one point: “You just have to laugh. Otherwise you’ll cry.” But we have come through victorious! We officially sign October 25 and move November 8. It’s going to be an extremely long month.

I’m excited to be on my own again but now that I’ve taken this step of faith, I’m just hanging out there until God shows up. That’s not really fair, because I know he’s in the situation already, but I’m waiting for him to provide the rent money! I’m doing my part and applying for jobs, he just has to come through with it.


like walking on water

You know how God sometimes put us in a place where we have to step out in faith and just trust that he’ll meet us there? I’m in a place like that, and it terrifies me. I don’t have the greatest track record of trusting God and I’m so afraid that I’ll take this step, the bottom will fall out, and I’ll be left looking back and regretting that I ever took it. Which would, of course, completely obliterate any hope of trust and faith in God’s provision in the future. So even logically it makes sense that God will provide. But that doesn’t stop this huge fear.

Is anyone else ever afraid of taking a step of faith?