God’s faithfulness

God has been amazingly faithful in the past week…probably longer, I just haven’t been noticing. But in the past few days, he’s been hitting me upside the head with a 2 by 4! I’ve been careful with my money, and I’ve had more than enough. My mom bought me the bedframe I wanted for my birthday, and now a couple from my small group are looking to get rid of their queen-sized mattress set. I’m getting a free queen-sized mattress! How amazing is that? I got the text message asking me if I needed one, and I just about burst into tears in my car. How amazing! And now, my roommate is at Walmart looking for a desk, and she found one she likes but it’s a three piece set. The third piece that she doesn’t need? It’s a bookshelf. God just provided a bookshelf for about $20. How completely awesome is that? I feel completely unworthy yet so grateful!


on my own again…

It’s official! I no longer live at home! Today, we moved. It was the coldest weekend so far…and we were moving. But that’s ok! As my mom reminded me, at least we weren’t moving in 90 degree heat with nearly 100% humidity, like they did with my sister last year!

Shockingly, our living room and kitchen look nearly normal. It’s our bedrooms and bathrooms that are in a state of chaos. But we’ll get it all set up!

Thank you to all the people who helped us move! You know who you are! 🙂