the end of an era

Ahh, Youth and Government. The weekend of no sleep, painful feet (hate marble floors!) and mandatory fun. Last weekend we made the yearly pilgrimmage to the capitol for the 60th Assembly and the Y&G president’s retirement celebration. It was a great weekend; my first being there as an advisor on Thursday. Boy am I ever glad I was there early! I got a crash course in bill flow (how the bills go from committee to each chamber and then the governor and yes, I realize that I am a complete and total dork. Deal with it.) about an hour before we had to go teach it. Yikes! But my “favorite” part of the weekend was training these kids in front of someone who does it for a living (trains/teaches). Not great for the self-esteem, I’ve got to tell you! My already-apparant confidence issues jumped up and down on that one. But of course, because I can’t stand up and bluntly state the truth, I just shut up and did it. Now I’m going to go to therapy for months to get over it. Hopefully just in time for next year!

In spite of my lack of confidence, it was a great weekend. It was amazing how everyone came together to celebrate 35 years of service. I saw it sinking in for people the entire weekend, but I don’t think it has truly dawned on me. I’m thinking that’s going to happen next year, when I see their successor taking charge. But until then, I wish them the best and hope they have an amazing time on their cruise!