This weekend, my mom, my sister and I were stalked….by a racoon.

We decided to hang out in the backyard by the fire. While my mom was building the fire, I noticed a racoon in the flowerbed about 20 feet away. My mom walked over and he ran away. Then, a few minutes later, he was even closer. Mom ran toward him and instead of being scared, he came even closer! Then he climbed into a tree that nearly hung over us and proceeded to stare at me. All night. It was CREEPY, let me tell you! They’re supposed to be scared of us! Stupid city-dwelling rodent.

Finally, my sister called one of the guys from the track who grew up in the county. We bribed him with beer. He came and got rid of our stalker. I don’t know how and I don’t care. As long as don’t see that stupid rodent again.

I’m such a city girl.


happy 4th of july!

This weekend has been a great experience! Yesterday, I experienced the Taste of Chicago for the very first time. Talk about an adventure! There were some very interesting people to be seen, including a woman wearing a red, white, and blue dress that looked like the skirt had been shredded. Or made out of crepe paper. Very odd. But the coolest experience (I think) was walking down the middle of Monroe to the train station. They closed the road nearly the entire way from the lake to the station. It was quite surreal, walking down the middle of a street in downtown Chicago. And man, were the people entertaining! The police were catching people drinking while they were walking, and there were the inevitable happy drunks. One guy was going around saying “two slaps” “one slap” to random people, trying to get them to give him high-fives. I really shouldn’t point fingers because I did take advantage of the situation to lie down in the middle of the intersection of Lake Shore Drive and Monroe, just because I could. Evidence does exist.

Today was equally as good (or better!) for the simple humor and rest involved. I was in rare form today, mostly because I just wasn’t thinking about what I said nearly all day (quotable of the day: “I made a puddle!” said just like the baby octopus from Finding Nemo). And there were several hours this morning where we just sat on the porch, Sarah on her laptop and me on my iPhone, commenting on each other’s blogs. How pathetic are we? Sitting three feet from each other and communicating via the internet! One of my favorite parts of the day was breaking our bad movie selection record. The last movie we watched through On Demand was terrible….and we were sincerely hoping not to repeat that this time. We had already tried Redbox, but our record there is just as bad (0% success rate). Remarkably, we happened on a really good movie this time! Of course, Antinio Banderas is cute enough to help overcome a bad plot, but The Code is actually a pretty great movie! I might even be tempted to watch it again sometime.

Three day weekends are the best. Bring on tomorrow!

aka Applesauce

Two years ago when I got my new phone, I was psyched. I got the hot new phone at that time, and I loved texting. But now, it’s just so frustrating to try to text on a RAZR, especially when everyone around you has a Blackberry! Just one single button for each letter, instead of having to rotate through multiple letters to get to the one you want!! Not to mention internet and e-mail access wherever you are! I’ve been drooling for my contract to be up so I could upgrade to a Blackberry Curve. Finally, it was up and I could think about upgrading. Suddenly, everyone around me is talking about the new iPhone 3GS. Somehow, for some reason, it occured to me that I should probably at least research the iPhone, just to rule it out. I was pretty sure I get the Blackberry because I didn’t do so well last time I touched an iPhone. I was positive I would hate it. But like a typical Type A, I did my research. I looked at the features, the rate plans, my eligibility, talked to people who had one, and really liked it on paper. It finally came down to one test: I went to Best Buy and actually played with one. I kind of hoped I would hate it. No such luck. I fell in LOVE.

Impatient person that I am, after I found out my AT&T order was backordered, I went to the Apple store (for the first time! Apple store virgin, right here) and bought one. I walked out of that store texting on my new phone! This thing is seriously awesome. I’ve never had full interest access on my phone, and less than 24 hours later, I was helplessly addicted. The roommate developed a new nickname for me and other iPhone owners: appleheads. Over the course of dinner with friends and family, that name has evolved into applesauce. That’s right, I now answer to applesauce. Because of my addiction to my iPhone. But you know what? I don’t really care! I’m having too much fun with my new phone! So excuse me while I go find some more apps…