This weekend, my mom, my sister and I were stalked….by a racoon.

We decided to hang out in the backyard by the fire. While my mom was building the fire, I noticed a racoon in the flowerbed about 20 feet away. My mom walked over and he ran away. Then, a few minutes later, he was even closer. Mom ran toward him and instead of being scared, he came even closer! Then he climbed into a tree that nearly hung over us and proceeded to stare at me. All night. It was CREEPY, let me tell you! They’re supposed to be scared of us! Stupid city-dwelling rodent.

Finally, my sister called one of the guys from the track who grew up in the county. We bribed him with beer. He came and got rid of our stalker. I don’t know how and I don’t care. As long as don’t see that stupid rodent again.

I’m such a city girl.

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