the challenge, part 2

Update to the challenge and the challenge, part 1:

I made it into the chorale! Even better – I made it as a soprano!  Rehearsal starts the Tuesday after Labor Day.  Better start whipping my voice into shape…


the challenge, part 1

So, a while back I posted about a challenge that Starbucks had inadvertently issued me to be more musical.  It’s a bit of a challenge as an adult to find the time and the opportunity to do something in an amateur capacity, but today I took a step toward meeting that challenge: I auditioned with the local community chorale.

It’s been years since I auditioned for a formal, classical opportunity.  Singing in church is great, but it isn’t really awesome for my voice.  Anything that would be conformable for me would be too high for everyone else, and the entire point of worship music is for everyone to participate.  So I left for the audition feeling really nervous.  There weren’t may people there (whew!) and everyone was really nice.  I sang My Country Tis of Thee and did some scales and sight reading.  I’m terrible at sight reading!  In the end, it was ok as far as auditions go.  The thing that stuck out to me is just how small the world really is.  The director knew my high school choir director…I guess there’s something to be said for going far from home?

Now all I have to do is wait…