sobering reality

There is nothing like a negative net worth to shatter any sense of self-worth.

Tonight, at FPU, we all turned in slips with the amount of our total debt.  The idea was to determine how much debt we had as a small group, so we can work on paying it down.  I assume that we would do the same at the end of the 13-week class to see how much progress we’ve made.

I just happened to sit next to the kid with the calculator.  I KNOW my number was the highest.  Unfortunately for me, the people in my group didn’t have to count their mortgages.  That would have made things a little more even.  They didn’t have to include their mortgages and I did have to include my student loans. Brutal.  Just brutal.

So, like the masochist I am, I had to come home and really figure out my net worth.  It was homework for next week too, but I had to do it right away.  Ugh.  I’m worth more dead than alive.  Too bad life insurance policies don’t pay out if you off yourself!

Getting even more yucky…but I have a whole list of goals to achieve to keep me going.  These are the things I want to accomplish once I’m out of debt, or at least well on my way.

Here is my public service announcement: avoid student loans at all costs.  Take a gap year and work your butt off, get a job while you’re in school and work full time in the summers.  Start applying for scholarships your freshman year of high school.  Go to a community college for two years.  Go to school in-state!  Just don’t graduate with a mortgage worth of loans!  You don’t have a house to show for it, just a very, very expensive piece of paper.


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