OD’d on people

I find it interesting that, when I’ve OD’d on people, I don’t even want to listen to music with words.

Instead of going to work today, I had the awesome opportunity to take a class on business writing.  A large part of the class was on editing, which is a recent obsession of mine.  The instructor was excellent, taking time to discuss punctuation in detail and recommending several great books.  It was a small class, about 10 of us, so participation was high.  I was in my element.  Writing and editing!  Love it!  But at the end of the day, I was done with people.  The hour-long commute didn’t help.  But I was so done with people that I scanned the radio stations until I found the local classical music station.  And it helped!

I’m weird, we all know this, and here is more proof: driving along in my lovely car being surrounded by quality classical music has long been a dream of mine.  When I was driving the Taurus, the idea of driving along in a new car with a good sound system listening to classical music was inspiration.  Today, I fulfilled that dream.  Thank you Volvo and WFMT.  And thanks for getting rid of my headache.


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