resurrecting the applesauce name

I would like to thank the gods of Apple who invented the iPod.  And who made my kick-butt iPhone capable of playing music.  It is this genius that gets me through the tedium of grocery shopping: navigating through mothers with screaming children, people who don’t know where they’re going (unfortunately, I’m often one of them), college kids who stand in the aisle figuring out who’s buying what…it’s much more interesting when you put it to music.  Plus, you don’t have to listen to anyone yell at you when you piss them off!

And while we’re on the topic of the awesomeness of the iPhone, I love the calculator feature.  Really.  Grocery shopping on a budget is much easier when you keep track of the exact numbers as you go, instead of just rounding and adding them in your head.

So, thank you, gods of Apple, for your strokes of brilliance.


Scala & Kolacny Brothers

I’ve discovered a new group!

Per Wikipedia, Scala & Kolacny Brothers is a Belgian girls choir that does arrangements by popular musicians and bands.  If you’ve seen the trailer for The Social Network, you’re heard their arrangement of Radiohead’s Creep.

I’m loving their stuff.  It’s haunting.  I’ve always loved choral music – a side effect of classical training and singing in choirs my whole life.  But they are awesome.

Unfortunately, iTunes only has two of their tracks, but Napster has more.  I’m thinking I’m going to have to start budgeting for music purchases…I wonder if I can justify it as an educational expense? Ha!

more little things

I’m feeling very blessed today.
At work, I decided that I would go out for lunch because I felt like a cheeseburger and it was in my budget.  And, hey, if you keep putting off a craving eventually you’ll cave and spend more than you should. Or eat more that you should…I think this is probably a diet philosophy, but oh well.  I applied it here.  On my way, I asked a coworker if I could pick anything up for them.  They said no, but they had a gift card to the restaurant that they would never use, so did I want it?  I was able to go to lunch and satisfy my cheeseburger craving without spending any of my budgeted restaurant money.  It’s a little thing, but it felt like confirmation that I was doing the right thing.
Then, to top it off, my mom did something really sweet.  She had just finished reading The Accidental Billionaires and was going to drop it off for me.  When I picked it up, I found a large bottle of my Burberry perfume on top of the book with a post-it note saying “here’s a little treat for you.”  (the post-it was even from the Oceanaire Restaurant in San Diego.)  My amazing mother had bought me a bottle of perfume based on our conversation about what I wanted for my birthday, because she knew I was being responsible by not spending my money on replacing my perfume.
These are such little things, but they do make me feel like God is looking out for me.  I didn’t ask for either of these, and I would have been fine without them, yet He chose to provide these little confirmations.