A Singer’s High

There is something incredible about the moments of silence that follow something powerful. For just a few seconds, everything pauses to absorb the impact of what has just occurred. There is no rustling of papers or jackets, no coughing, no speaking; you can still hear the ringing of the words or notes that came before. Everything is suspended in the previous moment, like they don’t want to give it up so they’re going to extend it as long as possible.

Recently, I had the opportunity to perform in two shows and then attend one all in the same weekend. Even though it was a long and tiring weekend, it was a great one for just this reason. All three shows had several moments like this. They lift you out of whatever fog you might be in, whatever worries or physical pains are bogging you down. It’s incredibly hard to describe to someone .

I love that moment. I get passionate and excited about it. It’s my favorite part of performing – the moment when a song is over and everything came together and the audience in enraptured. As the director’s hands come down, I can’t help the huge smile that crosses my face. If there’s a singer’s high, that is it.