Everyday Opportunities to Invest In Your Network

Not long ago I had the opportunity to spend time with friends. What are long weekends for? We enjoyed a holiday weekend, caught up on each others’ lives, made dinner, drank beer… and wrote resumes.

At some point, nearly everyone will look for a new job and, when they do, they will need a current resume. If their tenure with their current company has been longer than a year or so, odds are they will need to update their resume. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to have at least one other person (preferably someone in HR!) look over my resume.

Enter the HR friend.

We’ve all heard about people asking doctors for medical advice and lawyers for legal advice. HR professionals get asked for resume advice. Many of us look at them all day, nearly every day, so why not use that to build your network? By doing a friend a favor and helping out with their resume today, you are investing in that relationship.

Who knows, the next time you need a hand and they have the ability to help out, they may be more inclined to invest the time in return. It never hurts to help out a friend. And, if not, you’re still building social capital. That friend may know someone else who needs a hand and can recommend you as a resource.

(As a side note, if you really enjoy being a “pro bono” HR resource, this can be a great way to earn PHR recertification credits! HRCI allows up to 10 credit hours for being the HR expect for a non-profit group and several other leadership opportunities. For details, visit their webpage on recertification here.)


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