Grieving…a House?

It’s a time of change for my roommate and myself. After four years in our current apartment, we are looking for a new home. Our current place has been great, but we’re ready for something larger. You know those months of winter when all you can do is spend time inside and your house seems to shrink in size? We’re tired of living on top of each other.

We’ve spent the last few weeks scouring online listings, working with a realtor, and counting square feet. We’ve seen places on highly desirable areas and places in not-so-desirable areas.  We’ve seen some very odd things… like a kitchen with one row of laminate wood over vinyl. And lots of bad wallpaper. It’s amazing how many listings there can be but how few actually livable floor plans there are. Who designs some of these? It’s something we’ve often wondered.

Last week, we found the perfect place! Larger than we could have hoped, airy, updated, not too far from our current location. Great floor plan! We walked in and could see ourselves living there. So we put in our applications and waited hopefully, trying not to get too excited, just in case.

And we waited some more.

For a week, we waited to hear back. And then we did: the owner went with someone else. A male someone else. Someone who made six figures a year (side note: the single men were supposed to live NEXT DOOR! Just kidding J).

That is so disappointing. We’re just bummed out now. Nothing else looks appealing; they’re all too small, too smelly, or in a bad location (note to landlords: curry does not rent a place. No offense to anyone who frequently cooks with curry, but you just can’t get it to go away once it’s permeated the walls and carpet). Our realtor is on vacation which, as inconvenient as it is, is probably a good thing. We need to mourn!

It got me to thinking: if this is painful and we’re renting, how much harder must it be when you’re looking to buy! That’s a huge decision involving so many different factors (taxes, location, schools, resale value). You’ve got to really like a place to put in an offer. If you happen to enter a bidding war and end up on the losing end, the disappointment must be intense.

Have you ever been in that situation? How does one recover from that and keep looking?


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