Book Review – Love on the Line

The most recent book on my Kindle was Love on the Line by Deanne Gist. The story takes place in the early 1900s and centers around Georgie Gail, a telephone operator in a small Texas town, and Luke Palmer, an undercover Texas Ranger trying to infiltrate the local gang. Georgie unknowingly provokes the gang, prompting Luke to jump to her aid. Sparks fly, of course. The process is highly amusing! Several other amusing and highly individual characters add to the journey.

This story was a lot of fun! It’s light and funny with just a touch of drama and action, the perfect little mental break from work, research, and all the other more taxing thoughts.

The process of using an early phone was interesting. Who knew it was so complicated? I’d heard of party lines and how conversations could be listened to, but to read about how that might have worked in reality was very interesting. I think I’ll be Googling that one soon!

I’ve read several of Deanne Gist’s other books and this one is certainly lives up to the quality of the others. The faith of the characters isn’t a major theme in this book, no more so than it would be in any secular historical fiction story. Church attendance and faith held a higher priority in the 1900s than they do now. There are a few pieces of Scripture quoted toward the mid to end of the book and that’s about it. Also, the chemistry between the two main characters is strong and they certainly do their share of kissing – I would say it’s probably a PG rating. If you’re looking for something completely chaste with a strong Gospel message, this isn’t it.

Another great Christian fiction series centered on Texas Rangers are Lori Wick’s Yellow Rose Trilogy. The male protagonists in the first two books are Texas Rangers – one former and one current. I can’t remember about the second book, but the first does place a heavier emphasis on the faith of the characters.

Remember, opinions are mine. If you’ve read this book or decide to read it, I’d love to know your thoughts. Happy reading!

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