Wise Counsel

One of the first things they tell you when you’re trying to achieve a goal is to tell people. Hold yourself accountable by telling people who will probably ask you how you’re doing. Even the Bible encourages you to consult others (Proverbs 15:22).

So far in my plan to move to San Diego, I have found this to be true. The closer the person is to me, the more they remind me of my goal. I told my roommate this weekend, and it has come up in every conversation we have had since. She is helping me plan and think about things I hadn’t put much thought into yet.

My roommate’s feedback to me was to be sure I’m not running away from difficulties here. I’ve had that same concern and I don’t think I am, but her caution made me stop and evaluate again. And I still don’t think I am. In fact, it will be even more difficult there. She reminded me of a friend who moved for their dream job and hated it for the first two years until they established a network of friends. I’m afraid that might happen to me, in spite of being closer to family.

Today, I’m sitting outside in the breeze and sun, enjoying the weather. It’s a bit warmer than it would be in SD and there are no palm trees, but hey, a girl can imagine! And it hit me that I can have exactly the same life I have now only in San Diego.

There’s only one catch to that: it has taken me five years to build this life. I don’t want to wait five years before I have friends, a church, and a job I love in the location I want to be in. So what steps can I take right away to get there? I wasted a lot of time in Chicago by not getting involved. So I’ve put together a list of things I can do right away to meet new people in a new city.

  • Find a church and get involved
  • Join a gym and attend regularly (yeah, Bar Method!)
  • Be social with coworkers
  • Find an alumni network
  • Join a professional group
  • Locate a running group
  • Go out and be friendly…no hiding behind my phone!
  • Learn a new hobby…like surfing?

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