The Big Picture

We are all unique and different – no two of us have exactly the same preferences, experiences, or characteristics.Even twins have things that are unique to them.

One of these things is our tendancy to pay attention to detail or to see the big picture. We can learn to do both, but we are naturally disposed toward one or the other. This is a positive thing! We compliment each other and, working together, become better because of it.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, but I am a detail person. They come more naturally to me than the big picture. I need reminding to step back and look at the larger whole. This is something I’m very conscious of in a work environment, but it’s becoming more and more clear that it’s something that needs to be considered in all areas of life.

Things are very busy and stressful for a lot of people right now, both in my office and others. Someone reminded me this week that God has a plan for this craziness, for the days when we feel like banging our heads against the wall, like we aren’t making a contribution or like we’re talking to a room of people but no one is listening. There is a bigger picture. These struggles and challenges could be preparing us for something else – something not even related to that situation! A relationship, parenting, a career change… what we’re experiencing today that frustrates us could be preparing us for something greater, giving the skills to succeed in that future situation.

Remebering this helps me to face a situation, to think more positively about something I might have been viewing in a negative light.

Sometimes being highly detail-orientated isn’t always the best!


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