Another Year Gone

Today was my last day as a twenty-eight year old.

I’ve been reflecting on the past year for about a month and initially, the best way I could describe the year was “meh.” It seemed like a year that just…was. A filler year, a space between. Nothing has happened in the past year that marks it; no great successes or failures. There were some great things – visiting my mom in her new home for the first time, getting my braces off, attending my first SHRM conference and sharing the experience with my mom – but it felt like I was in the exact same place as I was last year.

It was only tonight, as I prepared to write this post, that it’s dawned on me: this isn’t true.

The path of my life has changed because of decisions I made this year. Living somewhere warm has been a dream of mine for over a decade – living in California specifically has been a dream of mine for at least four years. But it was always a nebulous concept, a “someday” type of thing. This year, that dream was defined, given a deadline and steps along the way, and I took action. It took some painful things to prod me out of my safe little rut, but I took a risk on a dream, something I’ve never done before. Just that one decision makes this year worth marking.

No, the year hasn’t been marked by advancements or achievements. No goal milestones set the year apart. No huge failures or griefs mar it either. But I have grown in the past year. It’s happened quietly, sometimes painfully, but God has been working in my spirit. He has used many wonderful people, books, sermons, and circumstances to reveal to me completely new things about Himself and who I am in Him.

Suddenly, I like who I am right now. I am a work in progress and I will be until Christ returns, but as I look back on this year, the personal growth I now see is worth celebrating.

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