Book Review – To Win Her Heart

It’s been a while since I’ve written up a book review, partly because I wasn’t reading and more recently because I just haven’t had the time. My reading these days isn’t really “reading” per se, it’s listening to audio books while I’m working my second job as a shelver at a local library. By listening to audio books I’ve actually been able to read a lot more books than I normally would!

I can’t recall why I downloaded this book. Probably because it was a Christian fiction book that was available when quickly looked through the library’s catalog before leaving for the library. I’d never read any of Karen Witemeyer’s books before so I didn’t know what to expect.

To Win Her Heart tells the story of Levi Grant, an ex-convict and former prize fighter who is starting his life over after serving a sentence for manslaughter. He comes to Spencer, Texas intent on starting over and meets Eden Spencer, daughter of the town’s founder and proprietress of the local library. The two start a relationship over a shared love of literature but Levi’s past keeps throwing challenges at them.

I enjoyed the banter between these two, although at times I was so annoyed with Eden I wanted to stop listening. Fortunately, I was in the middle of a shift with nothing else to listen to so I kept going. After letting her fear rule her for a few days, she does come to her sense swiftly.

Levi’s commitment to his vow not to fight nearly gets him killed, and his absolute commitment to God is admirable. God’s grace and redemption is woven beautifully into the story, with the main characters and supporting characters.

Overall, this was a great story with several humorous moments.  Fortunately Karen Witemeyer has several other books, so I’m going to find those for my next few shifts!

Keep in mind, all opinions are my own. And yours are yours, so if you’ve read a book I review, let me know your thoughts!


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