Life lately has been challenging. Not in a life-altering way that draws the attention of people around me, but in a quiet, internal way. There are so many lessons I am learning and it feels like it’s all at once. For several years, life just skated along, with family changes and job changes, but little spiritual challenge. Then, suddenly, God’s work in my life just seemed so obvious. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention before, but he certainly has it now!

In the midst of this, the song Lift My Life Up by Unspoken has become an anthem for me. God has brought me though some very painful things in the past, so why would he leave me now? He’s obviously working to prepare me for something. I want him to have his way with me, even though I don’t understand what he’s doing right now, what is coming in the future, or even where I am now. Even if my dreams aren’t in his plan, I trust him that his plan is best and being in the center of his plan will be more fulfilling than any of my earthly dreams.

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