Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Christmas is my favorite, but I like them each for different reasons. I love the magic and the meaning behind Christmas and the time I get to spend with my nuclear family. But what I love about Thanksgiving are the memories of time spent with my extended family.

The memories of Thanksgiving 2007 are my favorite. It was a smaller group of family but the time spent together was filled with laughter and crazy family stories (the best kind!).

We spent the day at my uncle’s home, getting there fairly early in the day. There was much drinking over many hours. My uncle was harassed for putting fruit in the turkey (according to my mom, his little sister, you’re not supposed to do that), my grandparents told never-before-heard stories about smoking marijuana and playing cards with their friends, and we just enjoyed each other. The meal itself doesn’t factor into these memories at all, just the love and the laughter. The pictures my sister and I took that day show the enjoyment.

No other Thanksgiving has been quite as much fun as that one, although they are special for other reasons. This is the one that sets the bar for fun family time for me. The last few years have had considerably fewer people involved as they’ve scattered across the country, but Skype has helped to keep the spirit alive. Technology can be a wonderful thing!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

I hope you have a wonderful and special day with your friends and/or family. Take some time to relax, get away from the stress of work, and laugh with those closest to you. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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