Book Review – A Skeleton in God’s Closet

Have you ever read a great book, set it on the shelf for years, and then came back to it later only to be surprised again by the plot twists?

That’s what happened to me with A Skeleton in God’s Closet by Paul Maier. I read this book back in high school and loved it so much that I loaned it to a family member. It was recently returned to me (quite unexpectedly!) so what did I do? I read it!

In A Skeleton in God’s Closet, Dr. Jon Weber spends his sabbatical at an archaeological dig in Israel when he makes a surprising discovery: a skeleton in a tomb. But further investigation indicates that this skeleton might not be the person they originally thought. The impact could affect the world, causing Jon to question everything.

I love the detail included in this story. Granted, I’m not an archaeologist so I have no idea what exactly happens on a dig or how they date their discoveries, but the testing and procedure followed in the story are fascinating. The depth of knowledge and expertise necessary is impressive. Dr. Weber’s dedication to finding the truth is admirable, even if he knows it will impact the world.

This book was originally published in 1993, so the technology is behind the times, but the story stands. Many stories these days are predictable, with twists that you can see coming. I love a plot that shocks me with unexpected twists and this story provides them. The ending is one I never saw coming. It’s hard to write this review without giving it away, but it is worth the read! At least in my opinion.

Written well before The Da Vinci Code, A Skeleton in God’s Closet explores similar issues.


2 thoughts on “Book Review – A Skeleton in God’s Closet

  1. I’m glad you’re liking Kisses from Katie! It was so encouraging and thought-provoking.

    Thank you very much for the nomination! I’ve got an exam to take and prepping for that is taking all my free time, but come Saturday afternoon, I’m going to put my nominations out there. There are several blogs I’m looking forward to sharing!

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