Book Review – Boy Meets Girl

Confession: I hadn’t actually read a Meg Cabot book until this year. Sure, I knew about The Princess Diaries and had watched the movie, but hadn’t ventured to her other work. Until I was shelving some of her books at the library and noticed just how many there were! So I grabbed The Princess Diaries. Yes, it’s a kids book, but it was fluffy and funny. And not very much like the movie which made it different enough to surprise me. Finishing that book had me searching for other books by Meg Cabot and I came across the Boy series.

The Boy series is made up of three related but separate stories of employees at the New York Journal, all told through email or journal entries. I’ve read all three and enjoyed them all, but Boy Meets Girl was my favorite.

Kate Mackenzie is an HR rep at the New York Journal working for a difficult boss. When she terminates an employee on her supervisor’s demand, she finds herself being deposed in a wrongful termination suit. She’s shocked to find herself attracted to the company’s attorney, who is also the brother of her unlovable boss’s fiancé.

The various perspectives and humor in this book are hilarious! Best friends, work colleagues, and siblings all weigh in on the situation, on both sides of the attraction. The reader gets to know the boss and her fiancé’s point of view as well.

Having experienced working for a difficult supervisor in HR (although nowhere near as bad as Any Jenkins!) I loved Kate’s story. The exception humor just added to the enjoyment. It’s definitely a light and quick read, perfect for vacation.

Enjoy! And remember, my opinions are my own.

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