Friday Favorites

There are many things on the way to Friday that are worth celebrating – some big, some little – and they deserve their own time. I’m taking some time again this week to highlight some of my favorite things and to be thankful for more than just the fact that it’s Friday.

On this last Friday of 2013, some of my favorite things this week have been:

  • Turbulence on my flight to CA. Yes, I’m weird, but I sort of enjoy some turbulence. It’s like a roller coaster!
  • An amazing Sunday in San Diego which was my dream for how my Sundays might be when I move: Bar Method, church, and meeting someone for Starbucks in the afternoon. What a wonderful day!
  • The various people who have been supportive and encouraging of my plans and offered their suggestions.
  • Driving my step-dad’s SLK for the first time. It’s a really good thing I don’t own a car like that! I would have so many speeding tickets…
  • Spending Christmas Eve sitting outside in the sun reading in a tank top and capris.. That is how all Christmas Eves should be!
  • Great AT&T customer service.
  • Spending time with the parents hanging out, getting advice on my future, sharing interests, watching Mel Brooks movies and film noir.
  • Unseasonably warm weather in Palm Springs. Napping in the sun is underrated.

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