Test of Time

There is nothing like the naming of something to test my creativity.

Today’s assignment is to consider my blog title and tagline. My first reaction to this assignment was a swift oh heck no.

Do you know how much time and how many iterations it took to arrive where I am? This blog has been in existence for years and I still remember how much time and effort it took for me to come up with a name and tagline that I liked. And you know what? I still second guess it occasionally.

This assignment is permission to second guess it.

On reflection, I really do like the name and tagline I have worked so hard to create. I like things with layers of meaning, which is what makes it so difficult for me to arrive at a name in the first place.

As my About page says, vivace con brio is Italian, typically used as a tempo guideline for musicians. As a musician, that appeals to me. It is a pace that is lively and spirited, which is how I would like to live my life. It’s not flashy or obvious; it requires thought and research to understand. Neither am I a flashy person. I like things to be understated and elegant. Plus the name is not limited to one point in time in my life to be outgrown when that phase passes. Life is always moving forward.

Perhaps the tagline could be improved, but I’m not inclined to change it. Life goes by at a fast pace and this blog is catching moments of them. I do not write about everything, but about select moments: humorous anecdotes, lessons learned, books read. They are moments in time, pieces of a life, but not all of it.


hello world, it’s been a while

WordPress does an excellent job of teaching the art of blogging. Emails regarding Blogging 101 keep appearing in my inbox and fascinating me and I’ve finally decided to do it.

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted anything not for lack of desire, but for lack of creative topics and/or confidence in what I’m writing. Something structured like Blogging 101 is just the ticket to get the creativity flowing again!

Today’s assignment is to write a post about who I am and why I blog. While this program is meant for new bloggers, I think there is plenty here for everyone. Writing in general has appealed to me for years and this is a small, bite-sized version of something that seems impossible (although, since I’ve completed NaNoWriMo a novel isn’t so formidable).

I blog about a wide variety of subjects because my interests are varied. Also, I don’t feel I am enough of an expert in any one thing to put myself forward as a subject-matter expert. So I blog about my life: the things I like, the things I don’t, what I am learning, and I hope that someone else can find encouragement or inspiration in the lessons, struggles, and joys of my life.

One of the prompts for today’s assignment is “if you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?” For me, it is that someone would have found encouragement or hope through what I have to say.

It’s good to be back.