There is so much to do and so little time! Fortunately, several of these overlap. Here are a few of my dreams and the steps I’m taking to achieve them.

In 2010, I started putting together a list of the things I’d like to do before I die.  Here’s what we’ve got so far, in order of targeted completion – first to last.

  • Run a Disney half-marathon
  • Study French
  • Run the Chicago Marathon
  • Move to San Diego
  • Pay off all debt
  • Visit France
  • Visit Ireland
  • Endow a scholarship for a college student
  • Adopt a little girl from China
 What I’ve completed so far:
  • Go Skydiving – July 2011
  • Run the Shamrock Shuffle – March 2012
  • Earn my PHR – June 2012
  • Complete NaBloPoMo – November 2013
  • Earn my PHR-CA – December 2013
  • See a live taping of The Big Bang Theory – September 2014
  • Complete NaNoWriMo – November 2014
  • Pay off smallest school loan – November 2014
  • Spend NYE in San Diego – January 2015

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