Friday Favorites

There are many things on the way to Friday that are worth celebrating – some big, some little – and they deserve their own time. I’m taking some time again this week to highlight some of my favorite things and to be thankful for more than just the fact that it’s Friday.

Welcome to 2014! This week, some of my favorite things have been:

  • Extensive shopping with my mom, including the purchase of a Diane Von Furstenberg dress. One more thing to cross off my bucket list!
  • Golfing with my step dad. His patience with my ineptitude was wonderful! We only played nine holes on a par-3 course, but I’m happy with my 41. 🙂
  • A GREAT New Year’s Eve surrounded by wonderful friends!
  • Discovering the Lizzie Bennet Diaries… why didn’t anyone tell me about these sooner??
  • Related to the above: staying out until 4:00am watching nearly all of the LBD episodes with a great friend. Awesome memories!
  • Visiting wedding venues and helping my roommate make a decision on her wedding location. November 2014, here we come!

Splitting Hairs

Today’s post is pretty random, sort of a rant, and parts might be a little TMI.

For most of my life, I have had long hair. There have been a few times that I’ve chopped it off and then swiftly decided to grow it out again. I love my long hair. Most of the time.

There is a very (very) fine line between long hair and too long hair. At least, there is for me. Has anyone else experienced this?

Long hair is beautiful. You can style it in a variety of different ways. Too long hair limits what you can do, because there’s too much of it. For example: I can easily French braid long hair and then tuck the end underneath the braid to get it up off my neck. When it’s too long, the weight of the braid pulls it out no matter how many bobby pins I use. Too long hair tangles underneath when you wear it down, leaving matted sections that are a nightmare (and painful) to get out.

There are other downsides to having long hair, such as the futility of vacuuming the bathroom because you know it’s just going to end up with hair all over the next time you brush your hair. And let’s not get started on the hairballs in the shower…

I don’t remember facing these challenges when I was younger and had hair down to there. Mom, if that’s because you were the one taking care of it, I’m sorry. It’s time to listen to the annoyance and schedule a haircut. Not to chop it off, but to bring it to the right side of that little line.