What To Do, Palm Springs?

Last week, I asked for suggestions for what to do while in San Diego for Christmas. Thank you for your input! I’m looking forward to the trip and getting to know the city better. The countdown is in the 30s now!

The second part of my Christmas vacation is to Palm Springs, a town most people seem to equate with retirement. While this is certainly true, I know that’s not all there is to city and surrounding area. Last year, I was able to explore a little, but my entire family was together for the holiday for the first time in a few years so time was focused on them. This year, it’s just me and my parents so I’m hoping to see more of the area.

So far, the plan is to:
Hike Joshua Tree
Wine taste in Temecula (including a visit to my favorite tasting room!)
Golf (my step-father is going to laugh. A lot)

What else should I make time for while in Palm Springs or the surrounding area?