What To Do, San Diego?

I have standards when it comes to Christmas. There is such a thing as celebrating too early. For example: Christmas paraphernalia on sale before Halloween? Not ok. It just smacks of commercialism. Now, red Starbucks cups on November 1? I can support that. Occasional Christmas music before Thanksgiving is ok, but pull all the stops after Thanksgiving.

All this to say…the exception to this rule is Christmas vacations to warm places. Going someplace warm when it’s freezing cold? It’s never too early to look forward to, plan for, talk about, and count down to that!

There are times when I’m not happy my family left me in the land of bipolar weather that is Chicago. Like when its 0 degrees and I get a text message telling me it’s a “chilly” 60 degrees in Palm Springs. Christmas is not one of those times, because I get to escape the snow and ice and spend Christmas in a heated pool under a palm tree. For free. It doesn’t get any better!

This year, I’ll be spending some time with my brother in San Diego before driving out to Palm Springs. I’ve visited San Diego twice and absolutely fell in love – obviously, since I’m planning to move there – but both times there was an agenda so I wasn’t able to do or see much.

Since it’s not too early to plan, what are the must-dos while in San Diego? Not the touristy ones (the Zoo, while great, is not what I want to do. And I’m pretty sure I have a roommate who would love to share that experience) but the local places. Where you go for lunch when you live there, the things you have to see. The little holes-in-the-wall that make a place special. They are what make a trip unique.

So tell me, what can’t I miss?